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Utilizing temporary employees can be a great way to increase productivity and decrease cost. Matching your workforce to your workflow can help prevent employee burnout, increase employee morale, and have a dramatic impact on your business.

Don't neglect your temporary employees!

While they may not be on your permanent payroll, temporary employees are still valuable members of your team (while they're on assignment). Maximize your temporary employee investment by implementing the following tips:

1. Give incentive-based gifts. Who doesn't like receiving a gift once in awhile? Incentive-based gifts are a low-cost way to motivate temporary employees to do their best on your assignment. Small gift cards to local stores or restaurants are all that you need to motivate your team.

2. Implement a bonus plan. You may not think of bonus plans for your temporary employees; however, they can be a tremendous way to motivate and reward these critical parts of your team. For temporary employees, who often are not eligible for the types of bonuses available to permanent employees, instituting a temporary bonus plan can be very appealing. You have some flexibility with implementing a temporary bonus plan. Perhaps you can designate a bonus if specific parameters are met at the end of the temporary assignment. Or maybe monthly – even weekly – bonuses are more appropriate. Take the time to understand what types of bonuses work best within your company structure, and your budget.

3. Offer PTO (paid time off). Offering typically "full-time" or "permanent" benefits to temporary employees can be an excellent motivator. Paid time off, or PTO, is one of those benefits. Free paid time off can be given for achieving specific benchmarks in productivity, working a specific number of shifts without calling in sick, or can be attached to other parameters. And paid time off doesn’t necessarily mean full days. An extra lunch hour, break, or other "free" time can be just as effective a motivator as a full blown vacation.

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March 20, 2016

Networking has come to our attention quite a lot recently. Networking during the job search is an absolutely critical element to finding the right job. The Wall Street Journal ran a very good article detailing some steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your networking during the job search.

Some of the advice:

1) Develop a stronger online identity by revamping your resume.

2) Make better use of LinkedIn, a professional networking Web site.

3) Create a more visible personal brand.

4) How to get the most out of job fairs.

As for some additional steps you can take, we recommend taking industry specific training classes to boost your resume, working temporary jobs to fill in work experience and joining professional or trade groups for networking.

Of course, the key to any job search is persistence and just getting yourself out there!

Searching for Talent? Top 3 Candidate Sourcing Best Practices.

November 26, 2015

Ever make a bad hire? One that caused employees to whisper, Who hired "that" guy? Sometimes despite your best efforts, bad hires are made. And they are not only embarrassing, they are costly!

Finding top talent is essential.

Save yourself the time- and cost-burden associated with bad hires by taking the time and effort to source candidates more effectively. Here are three best practices to help you get started:

Don't place all your eggs in one (resume) basket.

Are you looking for executives? Professional talent? Light industrial? There is one thing all of these candidates have in common – none of them are professional resume writers. Look for achievements and other essential information, and by all means use resumes as a screening tool. But, do not necessarily dismiss a candidate based solely on his or her resume. You could be missing out on a future superstar…who ended up with your competitor!

Focus. Focus. Focus. Your job board postings, that is. Monster and Careerbuilder reach a lot of candidates – and that is the problem. They sure do reach a lot of candidates. And guess what? Most of them are not qualified (or even interested) in your job posting! Instead of spending your budget on big-name job boards, search instead for niche job boards focusing on one or two areas of expertise. You will reach more highly engaged professionals, and ones who are more likely to be interested in and qualified for your opening.

Look outside the job posting. Ever see a resume and think, "Geesh, too bad he is not right for this job?" Then you passed it by? Big mistake! When you spot a potential good hire, whatever the position, do not pass that person by. Instead, see if you can expand the scope of the job opening to accommodate this A-quality talent. Or talk to upper management to see if there is a possibility of an opening that matches this person's qualifications. Don't miss out on a star player simply because of the narrow scope of a job posting.

Don't make bad hires!

These tips will help you get started, but to minimize the risks of a bad hire, and save costs while improving productivity, contact Expert Staffing. Our expert recruiting team will do the hard work of sourcing and hiring for you – letting you focus on your business.

Is Working For Your Company 'The Best'?

October 19, 2015

Each year, many employers and employees pay particular attention to Fortune Magazine's Best 100 Companies to Work For . Besides being a badge of honor for many employers, top talent across the country may use the list as a starting point for their career searches.

You don't have to be one of the top 100 to be desirable to top talent (but it doesn't hurt!).

Maybe you didn't quite make the list, but that doesn't mean that you don't have what it takes to lure top talent to your organization. Here are some of the key traits identified among some of the cream of the crop on this year's list:

1. Great Corporate Culture. Whether encouraging employees "weirdness" like Zappos, or giving employees the opportunity to offer suggestions like Google, providing a supportive corporate culture is a great way to lure top talent. When employees are happy, they are likely to talk to their friends about their great jobs. Word-of-mouth about how awesome your employees think their jobs are can go a long way!

2. Creature Comforts. Free bagels, a climbing wall (perhaps not quite practical for most offices, but still) – offering small pieces of home (or let's face it – free food) can go a long way toward making employees happy with their jobs. Whether you take turns bringing in snacks, or you can spring for a free vending machine, find ways to bring small comforts into the workplace, and reap the rewards!

3. Bonuses. Nugget Market, NetApp, Google. The top employers in this year's list offer cash bonuses or pay increases to employees who perform. While we all like a nice pat on the back from time to time, let's face it – money speaks. Volumes. So if your company is riding the economy storm and seeing gains, share the wealth. Your employees will see the bonus as more than just a nice cash infusion, but an investment in them by their employer.

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Don't Go! 3 Tips For Handling Departing Employees.

September 12, 2015

It's a reality for every business – sometimes employees choose to leave. And sometimes that's actually a good thing for your organization; however, from time to time, you may not want to let certain talent go.

Go the extra mile to keep your top employees.

Today's economy has created a talent war, and right now the competition could be poaching your best performers. When a top employee chooses to leave, here are three ways you can salvage some positive from a departing employee:

Get to the heart of the issue. Sometimes employees– for whatever reason–decide that it's time to move on. But there are frequently concrete reasons why an employee chooses to leave. Could it be financial? Is there a workplace bullying problem in your organization? Have you provided enough opportunities for advancement? Have an honest heart-to-heart with the departing employee to determine the true reason for leaving. You may be able to resolve the issue and retain that employee, but at the very least, you can gain some insightful feedback into your organization and its flaws.

Talk to other employees. Be careful here, as you don't want to encourage an environment of gossip within your office. But, speaking to other members of your team may shed some light on why this particular employee has chosen to leave. The responses you gain here may have to be taken with a grain of salt – if the employee is moving upward, it could cause feelings of bitterness and resentment among the team. In that case, move swiftly to encourage a positive team environment. A teambuilding exercise or happy hour (at the very least) may be in order.

Make a counter-offer. Careful not to shoot from the hip here, but if you feel strongly that the employee is worth every effort to keep at your company, you may wish to make a counter-offer to rival or surpass any financials offered by the employee's new boss.

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"Not again!" Four Resume and LinkedIn Buzzwords to Avoid.

August 5, 2015

In an increasingly-competitive job market, you may be looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Ways to help get your resume to the top of the pile, and hopefully, lead to your next job. But the most well-intentioned resumes can end up being the most-maligned by hiring managers.


Beware the buzzwords!

They may seem like a great idea, but resume (and LinkedIn profile) buzzwords can take your resume from the top of the pile to the recycle bin. Late last year, LinkedIn reviewed its profiles and identified the top 10 most overused buzzwords on its profiles. Take a look at your resume – I'll bet some of these buzzwords made their way into your resume (it's okay – it happens to the best of us!).


Keep yourself in the running and create a more effective resume by avoiding our top four overused buzzwords:

1. Extensive Experience

Experience is definitely a good thing. Depending on the position for which you're applying, you may be required to have a specific amount of experience. But extensive doesn't tell a hiring manager much at all. How many years of direct experience do you have? Do you have relevant experience elsewhere?


2. Results-Oriented

There aren't too many people who go to work each day determined to accomplish nothing. In particular, it's a safe bet that people who are searching for work are even more determined to achieve some results. So, you're not going to set yourself apart from many people by using this bland term. What results have you generated for your previous employers? Did you increase sales by 10 percent? Maybe you increased efficiency by 7 percent. In other words, the question is really, "What did you accomplish," rather than, "Did you accomplish anything?"


3. Team-Player

Getting along well with others is something we learn at an early age (We're going all the way back to grade school here!). In what ways did you help your employers by working as part of a team? Or did you take initiative and lead a team? Give concrete examples of your accomplishments, and you're sure to impress.


4. Problem-Solver

Are you noticing a trend here? Overused buzzwords aren't buzzwords at all – when you can back them up. Did you encounter a difficult problem, or an area of improvement, and take the opportunity to improve the situation? How did you overcome it? What was the result? The more details you can give, the better.


Searching for your next career opportunity?

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